• Your new apprentice will have been
    • Formally and informally interviewed.
    • Reference and Police Checked.
    • Drug tested.
    • Aptitude tested.
  • The Above is Done Prior to the Date They Begin on your site
    • They will have a 2 Day work Trial with you prior to Start.- With Loan Tools Supplied so you can actually see them working.
    • Numeracy Tested.
    • Once they have started their Apprenticeship we will accompany them to the Polytechnic to meet the Markers or Tutors (Where Applicable).
  • We take Care of
    • Loan Tools While On Work Trial
    • Safety Equipment and H&S Courses, (Working at Heights, First Aid etc.)
    • Wages (PAYE, ACC, Holiday Pay, Sick Pay and Kiwisaver)
    • Training fees- We set up the Apprentices AP’s and manage these
    • Off Job Enrollments- Correspondence and Practical assessments- Dealing with Training Providers
    • Any Disciplinary Action that needs to be taken during the apprenticeship.
    • You can “Hand Back” the Apprentice with 3 weeks written notice.
  • Whats in it For the Apprentice?
    • Higher than Minimum Apprentice Starting wage (NZ Minimum Training Wage is Currently $15.12 per hour)
    • We will Manage their course enrollments and fees- Avoiding costly “Timeouts”
    • Regular Site Visits
    • We will contact your new Apprentice every two weeks for the first three months of their training to ensure they are familiar with the training pro gramme, during this time we ensure they are made familiar with all expectations of correspondence and establish a routine to achieve their completion date.
  • We will visit as often as required to make sure target completion is achieved
    • Quality follow up of off job Training requirements- Your AM will collect your correspondence and send it away for you.
    • Health and Safety Courses Arranged and Booked
    • Safety Equipment Provided
    • Access to a tool loan to Purchase tools as they Progress
    • Disputes Resolution if required


  • Cost of Administration

    Kiwi Trade Apprentices Manage Payroll (Wages, PAYE, ACC, Holidays , Sick Days etc) , HR Service- We take care of all the ADMIN

  • Dealing with Providers

    Kiwi Trade Apprentices will deal with the off job training providers such as Skills, Weltec etc

  • Safety Courses and Off Job Assesments

    Kiwi Trade Apprentices take care of PPE and safety equipment for the Trainee*

  • Recruitment- (Average approx. cost of recruiting a trainee $3k)

    Kiwi Trade Apprentices do the advertising, testing and Interviewing at $0 Cost to you.

  • What if it doesn’t work out?

    Kiwi Trade Apprentices offer a 3 week notice “Hand Back” option as a last resort- we try to maintain continuity with a host but sometimes it simply wont work. You don’t have to feel guilty when Aunty Gertrudes (Sorry Aunty) child doesn’t come up to scratch- Kiwi Trade Apprentices help you sort the issue.

  • Fees and Payments

    We manage trainees payments to cover their training or sort things such as free fees

  • Payments for Off Job Training

    Kiwi Trade Apprentices Cover the cost of wages during off job courses- you only pay for the hours worked.

  • My Knowledge is not worth it

    Kiwi Trade Apprentices understands that you have built your business and have the pride and knowledge needed to pass these skills on. Do not underestimate the value you bring to your trade.

  • Kids these days aren’t interested

    Kiwi Trade Apprentices will find the ones that are.We will schedule regular catch ups to make sure off job training is progressing as scheduled to match the on job progress. Remember someone gave you a chance too all those years ago.