About Us

WELCOME TO Kiwi Trade Apprentices

At Kiwi Trade Apprentices we believe that for that student to be “Good with their hands” they must have a good brain, as we all know that your brain makes your hands work. Kiwi Trade Apprentices believe that the challenge is in unlocking this potential.

Our company directors, based in Wainuiomata, Wellington, have experienced first-hand both the mentored and non-mentored apprenticeship styles on offer in New Zealand and believe there is a place for both. We offer a close mentoring service as we are determined to help lift the pass rates in our trades.

Kiwi Trade Apprentices account managers will visit new apprentices every 2 weeks for the first 3 months of their training, this is often the time of most adjustment for Trainer and Trainee, and sadly is the time we see most departures. Kiwi Trade Apprentices will then visit you a minimum of monthly until completion of your apprenticeship. Providing you with guidance and personalised help through until your completion.

For the Hosting Business

  • Kiwi Trade Apprentices takes care of all of the admin associated with an Apprentice.
  • From the Recruitment through to Wages, ACC, PAYE, Kiwisaver etc.
  • We also deal with the Paperwork Associated with the ITO and Polytechnics/ Training Providers.
  • You only pay for the hours worked- the hours at Course or Training are not charged to you as a Hosting Business.